Application Support of Printhead and Ink Consumables
2020-05-20 15:00:00
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All see technology has Konica, Ricoh, Kyocera and other world-famous brands of supply channels and research and development capabilities, as well as a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system, greatly ensuring the quality of products and price advantages, thus obtains the general user and the dealer's trust support, stands out in the same profession.

At the same time we will provide a full range of sprinkler services support, including INDASK designated UV ink solution, suitable to all see printing equipment, to ensure print quality. And can provide industrial non-woven fabrics, butterfly filter, industrial cotton pad and other materials needed for jet printing, maximize nozzle life, minimize the use of cost.

In the absence of innovation and security in the traditional Chinese market, our team is particularly good at user experience solutions, proficient in professional technology inkjet print head maintenance, direct Service Large and medium-sized advertising, production, media, printing, ceramics, home, clothing, factories and other enterprise terminals, professional guidance to users on the industry market print head information dynamic grasp.

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