PCB and Stainless Steel Application Support
2020-05-20 14:36:02
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Indask Technology has been committed to PCB, circuit etching and impedance-based precision jet printing field. Because the traditional screen printing is easy to cause the text graphics offset because of the irregular size of the Printed Circuit Board, and the digital printing machine has the function of precise CCD automatic positioning, according to the size of different circuit board automatically adjust the size of text graphics, effectively solve the problems caused by inflation and contraction. There is no need to make screen plate by digital jet printing technology, which can avoid a lot of organic waste liquid in the process of making and cleaning screen plate.

The digital printer has the advantages of short production cycle, high quality and environmental protection, so it uses the piezoelectric ink jet print head with the front end technology and the UV ink developed by the inkjet printer, it can fully meet the PCB PCB industry jet printing process and etching process. It can satisfy all kinds of production needs and make the necessary printing plan for the customer.

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